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  1. ACDS

    NCORE - controller

    Hi pilots! Did not find the information anywhere ... It so happened that my drone crashed. When assembling, I noticed that there is one free connector on the controller. Does anyone know and can say for what it can be used?
  2. M

    Hi and an at sea IMU question

    Hi - I live in the North East US and have an Inspire 1 which we are using for marine mammal research off various boats. We also fly a custom built hex that has Mikrokopter software and we use their Boat Mode very successfully. It recalls the calibrations from when last ashore and does really...
  3. S

    Updating IMU after firmware update

    After updating firmware, is it always best to update the IMU? What is the purpose of the IMU check, if it says the IMU is good, yet one still needs to update the IMU? And thank goodness for this forum. Updated 10 days ago and flew a little to test, then just caught wind last night of the...
  4. I

    Issue with IMU Calibration

    Hello there. I crashed my Inspire 1 yet I fixed everything with a new parts. At first its work great then I decided to do IMU Calibration but it reach 94% then stopped. I put it on a very flat surface. I mean Ive done all what dji told me and I still face this issue. Please if anyone know how...