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infrared camera by flir

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    Hello, I am doing some research regarding thermomapping. I was wondering if anyone had any experience making thermomaps. If so, what drone/sensor combination are you using? what software have you used to stitch images? what altitudes have you flown at? thanks!
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    Zenmuse XTR problems

    Hello everyone. Ive ran into some issues with my I1 and Zenmuse XTR. I updated the firmware after receiving the package in the mail. Test flight went wonderful, everything worked great. I got a job inspecting a solar plant and about 15 minutes into flight I lost image transmission signal when...
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    DJI XT Powered by Flir on an Inspire 2

    I am researching the purchase of a infrared XT camera by Flir. I see quite a few comments about the camera on either an Inspire 1 or Matrice models from DJI. I have yet to see any postings about the use of this camera on an Inspire 2. I would like to know if the camera is compatible to this...