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inpire 1

  1. N

    9 TB48’s $700 SOLD

    I have 9 TB 48’s for sale and will sell them all as one sale. 2 of them have 4 flights, 1 has 9 and one has 12. I put labels on the rest for how many flights they have had. My Storage garage was broken into recently and my bird and a lot of other stuff was stolen prior to my stuff being stolen I...
  2. S

    panasonic vs olympus

    hey guys, wanted to know your impressions on the lens sharpness, wich one is better (my bet is with the panasonic), I´m buying a wide and long focal lenght and wanted to know wich one is the best! Olympus 45mm f1.8 vspanasonic 42.5mm f1.7 DOES THE OPTICALL IMAGE STILIZATION WORKS ON THE X5 to...
  3. E

    My inspire experience - so far

    I bought a new inspire 1 v2 pro from B&H photo just over a month ago. I received it 2 days after I purchased it, that night I attempted to update the firmware, but it failed (several attempts). The next day I talk to there support people, who can't get it to work and issue me a return. I package...
  4. Neil sulish

    What version Inspire do I have????

    I was sold a v2 inspire about a month ago.... I just now looked in the battery tray and It doesn't state version 2 as does my black edition (clearly says It) The Question is was I sold a v1 with x-5 gimbal mount and new quick release? or Is it a v2 I have included a photo of the battery tray...
  5. ChadAustin

    Hello from Hickory, NC, USA

    Hi, just joined. I've been an Inspire 1 owner for over a year. I've been shooting video for about 2 decades, and a recording artist for 30 years as well. After I shoot video, I usually custom score the music or soundtrack in my studio. I use both DJI GO and Auto Flight Logic. I also use an...
  6. R

    Video Record Issue. Anyone experience this?

    I was filming a car chase scene and it required long flights of 4000 plus feet back and forth. I noticed for the first time in over a year of recording that on 2 separate occasions a video clip would freeze on playback and stay on that screen for the remaining play time of the video. i.e the...