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inspak x5 pro

  1. B

    FS (UK) DJI Inspire 1 Pro, Inspak case, 4 batteries + extras

    Due to an ever increasing age, and a change of plans, I am selling my mint, unmarked Inspire 1 Pro. It comes in an Inspak case - the benefits of which are: - All you have to do is land the drone, un-wind the props and put it straight into the hardshell backpack, camera attached and legs in...
  2. gogowanda

    Anyone near Atlanta has an X5/Pro that we can take some measurement with?

    Hi pilots, We're looking for a curious pilot of Inspire Pro/X5 in Atlanta area that is adventurous enough to let us take some measurement on his/her bird. We're making a new inner core to fit the pro/X5 in INSPAK. We will give you an Inspak for free. Please pm me. Thx Daz