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FS (UK) DJI Inspire 1 Pro, Inspak case, 4 batteries + extras


Sep 8, 2016
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Due to an ever increasing age, and a change of plans, I am selling my mint, unmarked Inspire 1 Pro.

It comes in an Inspak case - the benefits of which are: -
All you have to do is land the drone, un-wind the props and put it straight into the hardshell backpack, camera attached and legs in landing mode! It has zipperless aluminium frame with combination lock and press-formed pro shoulder straps. The structure of the backpack is very solid and the water-resistant. The handle and straps are super heavy-duty. The moulded core can accommodate:

  • 1 x Inspire 1 Pro
  • 2 x Controllers
  • 6 x Batteries
  • 1 x AC Charger
  • 12 x Props
  • 1 x iPad Mini
And it still got room for more. The Inspak case is in mint condition.

The Inspire was originally an Inspire 1 V2, bought in October 2016 from a DJI dealer here in NW England. I subsequently bought the conversion kit to convert it into the Pro, i.e. leg extenders, DJI X5 with DJI 17mm lens. The idea was to obtain my PfCO with the Pro - I even booked on a course with RUSTA, finished my Ops Manual, but a change in personal circumstances prevented me from completing with the PfCO.

The X5 and 17mm lens comes with its original box and both are mint and unmarked. I upgraded the pro mounts to the latest ones and, if really needed, will include the original mounts. The whole package comes with one unmarked RC, four TB47 batteries (which have been maintained as per DJI guidelines and currently show 97% life left) complete with four LiPo Guard bags and four sets of red and green terminal covers, one 'Proster' anemometer (with instructions), a parabolic range extenders (which are extremely effective), eight propellors (4 of which have never been used), and a PGYTECH folding, waterproof landing pad, and two 3D printed X5 gimbal guards.

It has had very, very light use, never crashed or had a hard landing. I am also selling several equally mint Olympus lenses (12mm f2, 25mm f1.8, 45mm f1.8, 14-42 EZ - to be used with the Inspire, and a 40-150mm - to be used on the Olympus camera, all of which I have for sale elsewhere) which I bought in November 2016 three of which have had an additional 6 months Olympus warranty. All of my kit is kept in my study in my house when not in use. Only one photo of the actual Inspire together with the 25mm lens (taken in my rear garden) at the moment but I will upload more for those who are seriously interested.

Asking £1800 + p&p firm. I will not split the kit so please don't ask.
Personal collection much preferred due top the overall weight and the high postage costs. I'm located NW of Manchester. If there is no real interest I will be placing the whole kit for sale elsewhere within the next 5 days.


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