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inspire 1 for sale

  1. S

    FOR SALE: DJI Inspire 1 Kit - SOLD... Charger, X3 Camera, Controller, 3 Batteries, DJI Case

    I'm selling my professionally flowed DJI Inspire V1 Kit. Never crashed or hard landings and flies like new with no scratches. I purchased Inspire v2 Pro X5 and I don't fly this one any longer. It has upgraded quick release props plus a spare set. 3 TB-47 Batteries, X3 camera & case, charger...
  2. MaxiVideos


    DJI Inspire 1 in great condition, barely used, no crashes or hard landings- kept extremely well by professional photographer. $1555 with OSOMO so you can utilize the X3 Camera & gimbal more often! Check out the photos. Craigslist link: DJI INSPIRE 1 WITH OSOMO Cash and local only- San Diego...
  3. jonnyvermont

    Inspire 1 + 2 controllers + 5 batters + Waterproof case + more

    Hi all, I did some serious damage to my back, and I sadly can't lug this thing around anymore. So, I am selling my beloved Inspire 1 kit. Here is a website showing you everything it comes with plus high-res pictures. I am looking for $3500 for the kit. I am not sure how much shipping will...
  4. inspire909

    inspire 1 x3 Version B with 3 battery's(2-47's-1-48)+extras $1500

    I'm selling my inspire 1 it is in pristine condition and will include 3 batters 2-47's and 1-48 it has been fitted with the new pop locks and will include 5 full sets of props 4 sets brand new(will also include the QR prop adapters as well)and 1 faux inspire battery case..and a du-bro prop...