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inspire 1 pro black edition

  1. 1

    Inspire 1 Pro Black / Litchi / Z3 No FPV

    Has anyone had any luck using this combo? I cannot get the FPV to work with the Z3 and Litchi? According DJI my Z3 has the latest FW and the X3 will work with FPV just not the Z3. All items work fine with DJI Go. Thank you.
  2. Rowan

    Warning! Mars 58 Parachute mounted on Inspire 1 Pro major design flaw!

    I bought the Mars 58 and mounted on my Inspire 1 Pro (Black Edition). I wish I would have checked here first. I see that am not the only Inspire owner to have this issue happen! I DO NOT RECOMMEND MARS 58 PARACHUTE. Please watch my You Tube review and help spread this warning. I am trying to...