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inspire 1 pro for sale

  1. M

    Zenmuse Thermal XT Camera FOR SALE. SOLD INSPIRE 1 PRO V2.

    Hello All! For your consideration: Zenmuse XT Thermal Camera. $2,900.00 obo USD + Shipping -13mm. 30Hz. 640 x 512. NOT Radiometric. -Works with Inspire 1 V2 Pro platform. -All equipment was purchased from members on this forum. Professionally maintained and used. I am the second owner. I...
  2. W

    SOLD - Thanks InspirePilots! For Sale: DJI Inspire 1 Pro, 6 Batteries, Dual Remotes, Zenmuse X5, Osmo Pro, Many Extras - SOLD

    SOLD - DJI Inspire 1 Pro with dual remotes in like-new condition. I am a commercial pilot and used it professionally and maintained it meticulously just like my planes. No crashes, scratches, or mechanical issues whatsoever. Complete ready-to-fly equipment package. I don’t fly it enough these...
  3. Qdog

    FOR SALE $2999. Inspire Pro w/Zenmuse X5, Complete package NOTHING NEEDED

    I have a DJI Inspire 1 Pro. I bought on 8/2016. Instead of the two iPads, I had them include 2 additional TB48 batteries, bringing the total to 6 TB48 batteries plus a standard TB47 battery. The GPC case is also a landing mode case, not a travel mode. Never crashed!!! Everything You Need All...
  4. Bigdz

    Taking offers on my Inspire 1/X5 kit

    Inspire 1 V1 Version E (last version before v2)bought it from b an h USED (receipt available) 55 hours -X5 camera/gimbal -DJI 15mm 1.5 lens -2 tb47 95% battery -2 rb 48 95% battery 1 Remote GL658B 1 smart power charger -koptermax folding props -modified Inspak Hardshell backpack ****No issues...