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SOLD - Thanks InspirePilots! For Sale: DJI Inspire 1 Pro, 6 Batteries, Dual Remotes, Zenmuse X5, Osmo Pro, Many Extras - SOLD

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Jan 20, 2016
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SOLD - DJI Inspire 1 Pro with dual remotes in like-new condition. I am a commercial pilot and used it professionally and maintained it meticulously just like my planes. No crashes, scratches, or mechanical issues whatsoever. Complete ready-to-fly equipment package. I don’t fly it enough these days so now someone else can make better use of this beauty. Asking $2950 USD for the entire package, buyer pays shipping, or I'm in Jax Beach, Florida, and will drive for a couple of hours to meet.

Please contact me directly at [email protected] or 904-480-7600 with questions and thanks for taking a look!

DJI Inspire 1 Pro (T601) - 39.1 hours total airtime per Airdata

Zenmuse X5 Camera

1 Lens – 1 Zenmuse 15mm f1.7 – excellent glass

1 Lens - Olympus 14-42mm Zoom f/3.5-5.6 w/balancing ring – excellent glass

2 Remote Controls – model GL658C

6 Batteries – 1 TB47 and 5 TB48’s. Total charges: 39, 40, 36, 37, 32, 35 per Airdata

1 Ricoh Theta V 360° spherical camera for 4K video and HD photos w/custom mount

1 Osmo Pro handheld gimbal for the X5 camera with watertight hard case, 4 batteries, 2 chargers (no cell phone as in photo)

7 Polar Pro Filters – Polarizer, UV, ND8-AR, ND16-AR, ND32-AR, ND8-PL, ND16-PL

1 GPC Landing Mode Case – watertight hard case with wheels

1 Standard DJI Inspire 1 case – travel mode

1 Pair of EarTec Ultralight full duplex wireless headphones for clear pilot-to-camera operator communications

8 Propellers

4 Propeller mounting plates (spare, unopened)

2 Chargers for batteries and the remotes

1 4-battery charging hub (sequential, not simultaneous.)

1 PhantomAngel rapid battery discharger to deep cycle and store batteries for longer life

2 DJI harnesses for remote controls

1 Hoodman Aviator HAV2KIT sun hood for 9.7-inch Apple and Android tablets


Inspire 1 Pro (1).jpgInspire 1 Pro (2).jpgInspire 1 Pro (3).jpgParts & Accessories (1).jpgParts & Accessories (2).jpgCase (1).jpgOsmo Pro (3).jpgOsmo Pro (4).jpgEarTec Ultralight.jpgRicoh Theta Z.jpg
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