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inspire 1 raw

  1. T

    Copper flex pin snapped.Do I have to replace my entire vibration board on my X5R?

    After my last Drone operation. I was putting everything away and managed to snap a copper flex pin on my Inspire 1 where the X5R gimbal system connects to the aircraft body. Does anyone know the best way to get this fixed? Do I have to buy an entire new vibration board or is there a way to just...
  2. B

    **** SOLD *****DJI Inspire 1 Raw Complete Set | Multiple Lenses

    Location: Colorado, USA (Shipping within US ONLY) Price: $4,049 (PRICE REDUCED) OBO + Shipping FULL IMAGES IN HIGH RES HERE Are you looking to get into the commercial drone or photography industry? This is a full setup (retail price > $9,000) to get your business rolling immediately at a great...
  3. B

    Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) Entire Package | Lots of Extras

    I am going to be getting rid of my Inspire 1 Raw (X5R) with multiple lenses, batteries, ND filters, hardshell travel case, and much more. This bird has been flown for maybe 10 hours or less and in "like new" shape. Send me a reply or DM if interested (US ONLY FOR SHIPPING PURPOSES), your best...
  4. cinematic_aero

    NEW LOWERED PRICE! Inspire 1 RAW (X5R) Full Kit! Batteries, dual RCs, lots of extras.

    Inspire 1 RAW (X5R) Full Kit! Batteries, dual RCs, lots of extras. Perfect records kept and low time. USA. Well, we are selling our faithful Inspire 1 RAW with X5R. Got this shortly after it was released from DJI last year for use on a few jobs but now with Inspire 2 we are shooting most stuff...
  5. YeeaaBoii

    SOLD: X5R with a 512GB SSD and card reader

    I am parting the X5R from the Inspire 1 Pro kit I have listed for sale. Camera is in perfect shape and works flawlessly. It became our backup camera for our X5 since not many jobs required 4k raw video. Has only been flown a handful of times. Lens is NOT included. Kit includes: Zenmuse X5R...
  6. niki

    GoldenSkyBirds - BEGLIK TASH - Thracian rock sanctuary near Black Sea

    A trip we've made to the Thracian rock sanctuary Beglik Tash! It's located near town of Primorsko and Black Sea. All is shot using DJI Inspire 1 v2 and Zenmuse X5R camera and default 15mm lens with Heliopan variable ND filter. Color grading and editing in Davinci Resolve Lite. Some shots are...
  7. B

    Various Lens for X5R

    I just got the X5R on the RAW and curious what are best 4/3 lenses out on the market that will work on the inspire 1? Looking at the Olympus 12mm https://www.amazon.com/Olympus-Zuiko-Digital-Micro-Cameras/dp/B00MCWSQZU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473793696&sr=8-1&keywords=olympus+12mm+f%2F2 Anyone...
  8. A

    X5R SSD error

    Hi guys I just flew two quick flights this morning. I formatted both the micro SD and the SSD before take off. Both went well, however when I landed and looked at the footage the second flight didn't capture anything. I had a bit of trouble getting the SSD to mount on my Mac and in Cinelight...
  9. E

    New X5R video

    New Inspire owner, I thought I'd post my first video of a road trip around California. The shots from orbit were accomplished with the liquid oxygen upgrade.
  10. b2photollc

    Matrice 600 vs Inspire 1 Pro/Raw Industrial Use

    I recently got asked about doing inspections of light posts near highway interchanges for an engineering company. They want to start using drones instead of cherry pickers to do inspections. Currently I have a P3 but looking to upgrade as this is a fairly large contract and has potential for...
  11. niki

    ARDA river - DJI Inspire 1 RAW test shooting and color grading

    Hi guys, Here are my first flight tests with the inspire, edited and graded in Davinci Resolve. I can see some small vibrations from time to time, any tips on how to deal with them and get the ultimate stable footage? Thanks!
  12. L

    X5R and Osmo

    I wonder if some of these X5 adapters will fit the X5R for the Osmo? Anyone tried it yet? Should get mine fairly soon and will try it out. I have a 30+ foot Carbon Fiber crane being built for the Osmo/X5 and it would be awesome to have that working with the X5R!