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  1. B

    Inspire 1 v2 Controller with iPhone 8+

    I appoligize if this has been discussed before (can't believe that it hasn't), but I have searched several places and cannot find the answer I need. I have received my refurbished Inspire 1 v2 ship. I intended to use my iPhone 8+ as the display (mobile device) for the controller. I do not know...
  2. M

    Move from Samsung to iPhone 8

    It seems the app works more smoothly on iPhone 8. My previous phone was Samsung Galaxy S7. Any one did the same as me? If yes, would you please tell me how to transfer my text messages on S7 to iPhone 8? Thanks in advance
  3. D

    Iphone Sun Shade

    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a sun shade for the iphone? I know DJI sells one but didn't know if anyone had a third party vendor they really liked. Thanks!
  4. isaias

    RC does not charge my phone...

    Hello pilot fellows! wanted to share a topic I haven´t found so far in this forum (sorry if it is alrady and I didn´t see it... The issue now with my Inspire 1 Pro is the the RC will not charge my iphone nor ipad, it actually gets charged from the devices killing the battery of either iphone or...
  5. F

    iOS 9 jailbreak. Apps installed crash. Help!

    So shortly after jailbreaking my iPhone 6 Plus on iOS 9.0.2 I started noticing that almost any app installed from the AppStore seems to crash on launch. This is games too but sometimes the apps work no problem. The apps that do not work, I found out they will work without a problem if device is...