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  1. S

    *SOLD* - Inspire 2 - Lightly Used Professional Kit

    Inspire 2 with X5S Camera, codecs, lenses, and accessories. Purchased new, lightly used, treated well and waiting for a pilot since early November when I broke my hand. Still on older, less restrictive firmware. Asking $8,800 USD - prefer local pickup in Phoenix, AZ but may be willing to...
  2. R

    Trying to upgrade but have no clue what to ask for what I am selling.

    Like I said I have a fantastic inspire 1v2 kit with more extras than I have ever seen sold including and extra x3 variant camera (also works with Osmo), 2 iPad Airs and an Osmo kit and I can't move it because I guess I am simply asking too much. So it's obvious that I have no idea how to price...
  3. Cole Slaw

    FS: HUGE Inspire 1 X3 Bundle - Batteries and Lots of stuff

    Are looking for a new drone? Something to take your video footage to the next level or perhaps you are looking to get into the commercial drone business? Look no further. For sale is a virtually perfect condition DJI Inspire 1, two controllers, and tons of extras. Comes with newest firmware...
  4. A

    PC Ground Station to be discontinued by Dec

    Since google will stop its Google Map service in december, the relevant PC ground station will also be discontinued. The products affected includes PC Ground Station, Ace One WP and 900M Datalink And there's a exchange plan for users PC Ground Station, Ace One WP and 900M Datalink to be...