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  1. ElectricLife

    Lake Iseo, Italy in 5K

    A short cinematic 5K aerial drone video of the Lake Iseo or Iseo lake (Italian: Lago d'Iseo) is the fourth largest lake in Lombardy, Italy, fed by the Oglio river. Lake Iseo is in the north of the country in the Val Camonica area, near the cities of Brescia and Bergamo. The lake is almost...
  2. ElectricLife

    Lake Garda in Italy

  3. ElectricLife

    Ancient Roman Villa and Sirmione

  4. ElectricLife

    ACQUA - A 4K Cinematic Video About Bodies Of Water - Filmed With DJI Drones

    A Showreel of several locations featuring bodies of water. Filmed with DJI Drones such as: Mavic PRO, Phantom 4, Phantom 4 PRO, Inspire 2 and the latest Zenmuse X7 Camera, as well as many locations in Italy and Switzerland such as: Lake Como (Lago di Como), the Susten Pass in Switzerland, the...
  5. ElectricLife

    Winter Lake: Lago Maggiore filmed with DJI Inspire2 & Zenmuse X7

    A short cinematic video of the Lago Maggiore in Winter. Featuring the snowy Alps as well as the iconic traghetto (Ferry). The aerial footage was shot using a DJI Inspire2 and the DJI Zenmuse X7 camera with the 35 and 50mm lenses. Minor color correction and no ND filter.
  6. ElectricLife

    Lake of Italy: Lago d'Orta. Cinematic aerial drone footage filmed with DJI Zenmuse X7 camera

    Lakes of Italy | Lago d'Orta | Orta Lake | Cinematic aerial footage filmed with with DJI Inspire2, Zenmuse X5 and Zenmuse X7 35mm cameras. Featuring the Orta Lake in the north of Italy in Autumn and Winter. The lake is west of Lake Maggiore. It has been so named since the 16th century, but was...
  7. ElectricLife

    Lago Maggiore Islands filmed at sunset with a drone - DJI Inspire2 and Zenmuse X7

    This video was shot with a DJI Inspire 2 & X7 Camera with 50mm lens. Visit DJI for more info by clicking below. The Islands of Lake Maggiore in Italy filmed with DJI Inspire 2 and Zenmuse X7 camera in 5k. Featuring: Isola Bella, Stresa, Isola dei Pescatori, Isola delle formiche, Isola Madre...
  8. ElectricLife

    Lake Como, Italy in 5K

    Lake Como filmed with DJI Inspire 2 in 5K & Zenmuse X5S, Mostly shot in D-LOG, except the darker scenes, near sunset time. You can spor views of Comacina Island which is said to be “Among the most interesting archaeological sites in northern Italy in the early middle ages”. Starting from the...
  9. ElectricLife

    Lake Lucerne, Switzerland (5K) Inspire 2 + X5S ProRes

    Lake Lucerne shore, Beckenried, Switzerland. Shot with DJI Inspire 2 & Zenmuse X5S. The lake has a complicated shape, with several sharp bends and four arms. It starts in the south-north bound Reuss Valley between steep cliffs above the Urnersee from Flüelen towards Brunnen to the north before...
  10. ElectricLife

    Santa Caterina del Sasso Monastery, Lake Maggiore Italy

    Clinging to a rock face directly overhanging the lake, the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is certainly one of the most charming sights of Lago Maggiore. The entrance to the church is through a portico consisting of four round, renaissance-style arches. The structure of the current...
  11. Rentakill

    Train Lake Train

    Was out testing some new firmware with the Inspire Pro and filmed 2 differing train shots. Enjoy the music and of course the video.