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live stream

  1. J

    Hidden Port? - Video output on craft HDMI?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone came across the BTS of the DJI short film shot with the I2 I noticed that they have a hdmi cabled into the inspire for handheld shots. So there must be a port that can be used right? see attached images. I use the Inspire 2 a lot for live broadcast but sometimes...
  2. dannydc47

    Reliable I2 live streaming setup?

    Hi guys, I own a drone company that has for the most part offered just promotional services for real estate and tv/video, however we are interested in adding live streaming for events/sports to our services offered but I'm a bit lost on the gear needed to do this. I know you can live stream to...
  3. Pietro Avolio

    Getting live feed through HDMI teradek

    Before I go and experiment, I wanted to see if you knowledgeable fellows have tried it. I want to fly at an event (away from crowds, and I have permission) which will be live streamed. The way I see this working is connecting a Teradek Bolt system to the HDMI input on the RC. Has anyone ever...