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  1. S

    Recording on SSD forces Log profile onto Micro SD

    Hi Guys, I'm new here and couldn't find anything related to this issue. When I turn SSD on to record in Pro Res I'm finding that my 4K backup on the Micro SD card automatically forces the recording style to LOG. I like to record in D-Cinelike on the Micro SD with custom settings and can't find a...
  2. L

    Flight Logbook, what to use?

    Good evening everyone, Hopefully the cold weather hasn't held too many of us up too much. And thanks again for those who posted advice regarding battery depletion. I have been a commercial UAV pilot for 18 months now and have been using a standard notebook for a flight time logbook (I did use...
  3. Parker

    Battery Charging Log App?

    New here, searched the General Discussions before I posted but didn't seem to find anything. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on an App that does a good job of tracking battery charges, discharges and life cycles? Just looking for something simple where I can input relevant data...
  4. A

    2015 Flight Log and New Movie Templates in DJI Go

    Compare total your flight distance and how you rank among DJI flyers all over the world. Got a summary for what you've done in the year of 2015, tried it yet? That makes a difference DJI Forum|Try new "2016,I will.." movie templates. Update DJI GO now!
  5. Highranger

    I am so disappointed with what DJI has done to the Inspire 1

    I am so disappointed in the slight of hand DJI recently have performed with the Inspire 1. After 70 flights, my Log images were so magically transformed from a dull low contrast log file as I applied my 3rd party LUT to them releasing enhanced grading ability. During the FW upgrade from 1.3 to...
  6. A

    [Tutorial]D-log and LOG mode Transcoding Tool

    This transcoding tool can transform the compressed 8 bit code steam into larger bit-depth code stream, and the exported files can be compatible with the post-processing software as the Adobe Premiere or the Apple Final Cut Pro. D-log mode gives us great post processing capabilities. Videos shot...