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los angeles

  1. L

    FOR SALE Inspire 1 Kit w/ FPV

    LOS ANGELES, CA Selling an Inspire 1 Kit w/ Zenmuse X3 camera, 2 remotes, 5 batteries, custom FPV camera setup and custom hard Go Professional Case The aircraft has had no crashes. Everything functions like new and is in great condition. Earlier this year I upgraded to an Inspire 2 and my...
  2. A

    Los Angeles: Drone Race Track Antelope Valley

    Hi all, I’m weighing the possibility of opening up a practice/race track in our 25-acre property in Antelope Valley. It is pristine desert, buttes and other rock formations, and plenty of Joshua trees. The landscape lends itself for us to be able to make interesting runs. A couple questions...
  3. Advexure

    Cine Gear Expo in LA - Going on now!

    Folks in the LA Area - Sorry for the last minute post here on IP...for those in the LA area — Cine Gear Expo is this weekend here in Hollywood, CA. Location: Paramount Studios — Hollywood Today at 12:30PM will be DJI's Panel, Innovations in Drones for TV Production (sorry for short notice on...
  4. AerialMediaPros

    Drone Retail/Technician Positions available in Orange County

    AerialMediaPros.com is searching for individuals who have real world experience with DJI products and a passion for the UAV industry. AerialMediaPros.com is one of the largest independent dealers in North America, and we are expanding our Southern California operations to provide a better in...
  5. T

    Snowboarding video at Air + Style in L.A.

    Our company was hired to provide drone footage at the Air + Style event in Los Angeles this past weekend. For most of the event, we used the Inspire 1 with dual operators to capture the snowboarding action. It was a pretty awesome event and a fun one to fly at. Here's the footage!
  6. P

    Long exposure downtown Los Angeles 4 seconds

    I shoot this with 85 pictures of 1.6 second exposure. Let me know what you think! The whole timelapse is 4 seconds!
  7. richlee

    Southland (Exploring Southern California)

    Been shooting a bunch of stuff around Los Angeles over the past few months. Mostly Inspire with a little bit of Phantom 3 mixed in. Little POI of a palm tree part way though. New firmware is really exciting. I wanted to call it Los Angeles but someone beat me to the punch. :D