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  1. K

    "Find My Drone" Capabilities

    Has anyone noticed or used the feature in GO4 in any meaningful way? There doesn't seem to be much on the topic on the forum yet. I would hazard a guess that it's primary function is to locate downed aircraft, but it could be far more useful for stolen equipment. A long story short, I have had...
  2. VAP

    Inspire lost at sea

    Experienced a sudden loss of video signal on DJI inspire 1 over the water. The app screen went blank along with no GPS data. Never seen this kind of failure before. VLOS could not be maintained as it was into the sun. Fail-safe RTH did not return it. The Inspire 1 was lost at sea. The flight log...
  3. G

    Inspire GPS lost when gear is up. Has anyone experienced it?

    I have a brand new Inspire 1 Raw. GPS locks well when I'm flying with the gear down, but it's instantly lost when gear is up. Has anyone experienced that? Many thanks.