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low light

  1. atmosphericarts

    First Night Shoot and Client Isn't Happy With Footage

    I've been working with a local pro-sports team to document the construction of their new stadium, and I recently just did a shoot of the building about an hour after sunset. While this was my first commercial night flight ever (I do have the waiver!), I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about...
  2. P

    X5S Low Light Performance

    Hello everyone, I own a Inspire 2 with an X5S, without licenses for now, I am doing Cinematography but lacking of time, I got not much educated on the X5S Camera Settings and I need your help, Few days ago, I got my first night flight got some decent ISO I believe but don't really know if the...
  3. 5kdigitalfilm

    New fashion Ad with the Zenmuse X7 & Inspire 2

    We used the new DJI X7 & Inspire 2 for a complete commercial shoot for a fashion label. Some shots were in the air but most on the ground. We used only ambient light and shot many scenes in low light wide open at 1600 ISO.
  4. X

    Dramatic Lightning Thunderstorm shot 4K Raw

    First time filming a storm of any kind. This is known as heat lightning.....the atmosphere is freakishly still and quiet, but the most brilliant lightshow ever was occurring in the sky. Luckily I had my Inspire 1 X5R in the back seat:) Watch in 4K with good speakers!
  5. P

    Cap Blanc-Nez Wissant France

    A week ago I went to France for a short vacation. Naturally, I took along my DJI Inspire pro I've heard from several people that this his movie is a little bit to long and got to many of the same environment Stil I 'm curious about your feedback/ tips tops etc i'm stil in a learning curve :-)
  6. D

    "Blue moment" Low light winter film from Finland

    Hey everyone! I´m quite new here. Check out my freezing and magical film from cold northern Europe:cool: "Blue Moment". Low light winter aerial filming in Kokkola, Finland. Temperature around -12 Celsius (10,4 Fahrenheit). DJI Inspire 1. Let me know what you think and please like/share...