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"Blue moment" Low light winter film from Finland

Feb 11, 2016
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Hey everyone! I´m quite new here. Check out my freezing and magical film from cold northern Europe:cool:

"Blue Moment". Low light winter aerial filming in Kokkola, Finland. Temperature around -12 Celsius (10,4 Fahrenheit). DJI Inspire 1.

Let me know what you think and please like/share!

Ps. Please recommend good software to remove/reduce noise in low light video.
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I envy you guys in Finland as you have one of the most liberal and relaxed (but sensible and risk based) UAV flying laws in the world.
Am I jealous?........YES!!!!!
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Love the smooth tilt's and pan's although the some will say too slow. Overall length a bit too long. On the noise issue IMHO noise reduction carries with it a loss of sharpness....I'll take the noise.
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I enjoyed it.

I don't know if composition is the right word, but I'm still trying to sort out what separates the good videos from the bad. By good I mean that it captivates you as this video did me. I liked the brief journey to and from the town, and the proportion in capturing the diametric layouts in the town. You seemed to be the right distance from your subjects in the shots. If I was to add a criticism, and this is just nit-picking; some of the pans weren't as smooth as they could be.
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I really liked it and the length didn't bother me.

Finland may have more liberal drone rules but there biggest motor racing events, Rally Racing, is way more dangerous. You have spectators lining the dirt roads with Rally Cars flying by, literally, at 100mph+.

But, even more dangerous is that Hooodraulic Press guy... he must be dealt with!

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