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lowepro droneguard

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    Looking for LowePro DroneGuard backpack

    Hi, this is a long shot. Going abroad in a few weeks and am looking for a bag for my Inspire 2. If you know already, the LowePro Drone Guard bag for the Inspire is like rocking horse poop. If anyone knows of someone or has one themselves that they may be willing to part with, please let me know...
  2. D

    LowePro Droneguard Inspired Backpack - ordering & item review

    Hi all, Being based in the UK has meant that it has been difficult to source the above named backpack for my Inspire 2. There are a couple of companies who claim to have the item (namely, Heliguys, Wex Photography, Park Cameras, Hobbyhut) but they are usually out of stock and new stock takes...