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LowePro Droneguard Inspired Backpack - ordering & item review


Jan 16, 2018
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Warwickshire, UK
Hi all,

Being based in the UK has meant that it has been difficult to source the above named backpack for my Inspire 2. There are a couple of companies who claim to have the item (namely, Heliguys, Wex Photography, Park Cameras, Hobbyhut) but they are usually out of stock and new stock takes months to arrive.

Having decided that I can't continue to lug the standard Inspire 2 suitcase around the fields, hills and backwaters of the UK I had my heart set on this backpack. I just missed out on one from Wex Photography and everywhere else was out of stock with the earliest "unconfirmed" delivery date being August.

I eventually found one on Alza.co.uk for a reasonable price. The reviews of the online shop were varied but I decided to go ahead with the order anyway (paid via Paypal for added protection). Alza is one of the biggest online retailers in the Czech Republic so that's where my backpack had to come from. It took about 5 days to arrive and I have been extremely pleased with the way the whole order was processed. Communication from both the seller and the courier have been excellent. DPD (the UK delivery courier) kept the tracking information up-to-date and I was informed by text message when the item would be delivered (a 1-hour timeslot on the day). So my overall experience has been excellent!

As for the actual backpack - WOW! I love it! The build quality is very good (on a par with a Delsey trolley case I've got). I can leave my Inspire 2 in landing mode and pack everything into the backpack. It is very comfortable to carry around and I am looking forward to taking it into the field soon. The backpack comes with four "socks" that go over the motors of the drone for extra protection. I was a bit skeptical of having the legs and motors outside of the backpack but unless I'm particularly careless or negligent whilst traversing forests and fields I don't see how they are likely to get damaged. It also features a weatherproof "bag" that you can pull over the backpack AND drone to protect them from a sudden downpour. Overall I'm extremely pleased with this backpack. Time will tell how resilient it is.

All the best and happy flying!

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Hi Danny,

I'm about to purchase one of these, how is it holding up?

Hi Mark,

I am still extremely impressed and happy with this backpack. I've used it weekly since buying it, including several long hikes, and it's held up beautifully. I still strongly recommend it and I'm sure you'll love it as well.

All the best,

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We ordered the backpack from heliguys and we are very happy with it! We can get all eight batteries, control with 12 inch iPad, charging the hub and miscellaneous cables into ours. It's much easier than lugging a standard case around.
Thanks for the info and experiences with the bag - will definitely be getting one too. Was contemplating a peli type hard case but too cumbersome to cart around if one person, although different uses for one of those.

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