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  1. S

    Matrice 100 firmware update bricked the device

    Hi, I have a DJI Matric 100 and yesterday I tried updating its firmware to version 1.3.1. At first I tired updating with Assistant V2 using a pc, and everything was going fine until it failed with "connection error" and started beeping and the pc wont recognize the device anymore. In Device...
  2. TronesDrones

    DJI Inspire Batteries and Smart Powercharge $800 0b0

    I am selling a few of my old batteries and M100 Smart Power Charge charging system. I have 3 TB48 and 1 TB47 Batteries. All the batteries have less than 40 charges and have been discharged every 10 cycles of flight. The M100 charger/discharge was purchased in October last year and has had very...
  3. CaptainBadge

    ISO M100 Airframe

    Hi all. I just need a working airframe, no controllers, cameras etc. Let me know what you have.
  4. HoverLogix

    Hello, from Western Colorado, USA

    Just found this forum and wanted to introduce ourselves. HoverLogix commercially pilots Inspire 1's and M100's. Hopefully we can learn some things and add a little value! Doug
  5. C

    Matrice 100 Serial Protocol (from UART)?

    I'm trying to get useful serial data from the M100 via the UART output. I successfully connected the included UART cable to the TX/RX/GND on my Arduino, matched the baud rate of the M100, and see data coming from the M100 on my serial monitor. The problem is it's an overwhelming stream of...
  6. J

    Litchi video problem Z3

    I am needing waypoint software for my m100. I tested my m100/SlantRange/Z3 on DJI GO App without any problems. It works great to manually fly, but the waypoint feature is bogus. I purchased Litchi and read up on it before installation. I actually uninstalled DJI GO App just to make sure...