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  1. D

    DJI RC Plus Remote *$1,200* Brand new, never used.

    I'm selling my brand new RC Plus remote for the M30 series, soon to be compatible with the M300. It was opened only to take pictures, never used. I am tired of waiting for the firmware update so I can use it with my M300. I bought it 3 months ago thinking it would pair with my M300, and can't...
  2. P

    Takeoff without GPS

    Hi! I am trying to takeoff with my m300 without GPS at all. I switched the controller to Atti mode but with no luck. Is there a way to bypass this DJI restriction?
  3. B

    M300 smart controller

    All in all the m300 looks great and is a step forward. However, I see some potential issues with the Smart controller Enterprise: 1. It doesn't seem to have detachable antennas!? So we need to again crack the shell, drill the plastic,etc...? I expected a more professional solution for something...