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May 3, 2016
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All in all the m300 looks great and is a step forward. However, I see some potential issues with the Smart controller Enterprise:
1. It doesn't seem to have detachable antennas!? So we need to again crack the shell, drill the plastic,etc...? I expected a more professional solution for something called "Enterprise version" The Cendence controller had that option.-
2. The tracktenna that was announced in 2017 by dji never made it unfortunately.- although now the EU regulations are open for flights beyond LOS. A pitty because it would have improved flight safety which I thought is a point for dji
3. the built in screen is for us specifically not a good solution at all. We use a 10,5 inch tablet mounted so that two people can operate it.- The built in option is a step backwards for us.
4. When will dji make a proper windows SDK? -I want to finally get rid of these android "toys" and control from the ground station directly.- Apple is no option for us.
5. With so many camera options possible: It would be great to have a monitor for each camera sensor..- Does anybody know what output options are available? For me it seems strange that there is a controller that only outputs one signal via HDMI when having 4 sensors capturing data. At least switchable would be fine as I understand bandwidth is not unlimited. Anybody knows what is possible? I didn't get a clear answer from the quick manual.
6. Dji is manufacturing enterprise grade tools.- I wish that they would open up for an enteprise grade controller and antenna solution. I'm aware of legal limtiations, etc.. but some more options in terms of antennas and hardware We will have to take the smart controller apart and get proper antenna N- female connectors in place. Further I'd like to upgrade the joysticks to enterprise grade ones with buttons and wheels and a button ring around just like standard gaming joysticks provide these days.
Proper gaming stations are a good example how to build real time controlling UIs. Gamers know how challenging it is to sit and control for hours per day ;-) With 50 mins flight time and a whole day of inspections ergonomic design becomes very important. I believe there is room for improvement for dji or third party gear.
Hi there, anybody checked the new smart controller? I checked it out today.- It feels indeed quite toy-like. - and no space for external antennas!
Another issue I noticed is that when using the straps to hang the controller, I cannot reach the joysticks properly as the front straps (there a re three on this version) are in the way! Either I did something wrong or this is flawed design by DJI.

Hope that anybody can answer or input on this.
was flying yesterday and these landing gears are hard to not see. Really disturbing. I gues Ineed to make a magnet mount so I can take iff without them and put them back before landing.
further only duplicate screen via HDMI output! This means the pilot needs to borrow the screen from the payload operator and vice versa.
I hope for some answers and updates...

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