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  1. Ralph thompson

    Go App beyond cell phone range.

    Using the GoApp beyond cell phone range, there is no map to confirm your home point. I thought I had cached the map beforehand but it did not come up when I opened the GoApp. Cacheing the map worked perfectly in Autopilot and the home point appeared correctly. But because I couldn't confirm Home...
  2. dev_willis

    How to use Map View in GO app?

    Hi! I would like to set a point in map view and have the camera always look at that point. Is it possible? I would also like to set waypoints in map view. Is that possible? TIA! Dave
  3. M

    Video map overlay solution

    Hi there, I'm interested to know if a everyone is still using Dashware overlay telemetry data on their video... is this still the best solution publicly available.... I have developed an interactive web viewer that I use to overlay mapping data and telemetry data for my clients.... mostly for...