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matrice 210

  1. V

    Livestream Matrice 210

    What are some options to livestream from a Matrice? Unlike all the other dji products there’s no live-streaming option from the app.
  2. S

    Autopilot softwares that work in Crystal Sky

    Hello, I just purchased a DJI Matrice 210 with Crystal Sky. What autopilot softwares are available that work on Crystal sky? I am new to this but doesn't DJI doesn't have its own autopilot app that works on crystal sky? Please advice. Thanks
  3. J

    About to buy a Matrice 210 for surveying.

    Hello I am about to buy a Matrice 210 + X5S camera, and I am planning to use it for Surveying. I have already bought a GNSS system to perform Ground Control Points. Is the Matrice 210 adequate for the job? Does anyone have any experience using Matrice 210 for surveying?
  4. Aerial-Pixel

    Matrice 210 Dimensions Needed

    Hey guys anyone with a Matrice 210 out there? If so I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me the diameter of the carbon fiber arms and landing gear. I have a client that wants some 3D printed strobe mounts for their 210RTK that is supposed to be delivered next Friday. The 210 is on my...
  5. F

    Newbie Would love to get some insight from You. re: Matrice or...

    Hey all, I've red everything I can get my hands on, but what I really need is real world experience, which I do not have. I'm looking for 1 platform that can do it all in the real estate Industry, including construction monitoring/survey, RE videography, inspection work as it relates to solar...
  6. Gregg Smith

    M600 Pro or M-210

    Looking at moving from a more Film / TV service provider to an Industrial service provider doing tower inspections, utility line inspections, pipeline inspections, Search & Rescue, etc... I'm wondering if I should get the new M-210 or go with a M-600 Pro. I like the extra level of...