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  1. Ralph thompson

    Go App beyond cell phone range.

    Using the GoApp beyond cell phone range, there is no map to confirm your home point. I thought I had cached the map beforehand but it did not come up when I opened the GoApp. Cacheing the map worked perfectly in Autopilot and the home point appeared correctly. But because I couldn't confirm Home...
  2. S

    New Possibility for Osmo Mobile

    This is a good, new solution for me. I've been wanting to get an Osmo Mobile for a while. However, I did NOT like that the gimbal was attached permanently. I was intrigued with the announcement of the new Osmo Mobile Silver, but still had the attached gimbal. BUT, the new Zenmuse M1 gimbal...
  3. clackey

    New InspirePilots App

    Hey all - we launched new InspirePilots apps for iOS and Android. These were created using the Tapatalk platform so we don't have a ton of flexibility on design, features, etc.. but feel free to chime in if you have any issues or feedback. iOS - InspirePilots - DJI Inspire Drone Forum on the...
  4. Tim

    OSMO Mobile without Handle

    Hi, Anyone know if I can buy an OSMO Mobile without the handle? I've got two OSMO handles that I use with Inspire X3s and don't really want a third but I would still like to gimbal a mobile. Thanks.