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  1. Dejan Smaic

    Lets see your I2 mods.

    Been curious on what mods I2 owners have been doing. Always interesting to see a get new ideas.
  2. S

    Inspire 1 Best Mods (Without voiding warranty)

    Hey guys, I finally bought my inspire 1 v1, and I wonder what is the best I can do on him without losing my warranty! I thought about using carbon fiber props, is there a real improvment? also thinking about buying the quick and release propeller instalation kit for using with the new props. I...
  3. G

    Osmo joystick modification

    I find the flat joystick on the osmo difficult to use smoothly. Has anybody done any mods on this to make it work like a real joystick? Anybody seen any other threads anywhere about this subject?
  4. DoubleHorn

    32 Channel Mod: Still Possible?

    Assuming all the latest firmware and app versions (iOS), is it still possible to open up the other 24 channels? I'm in the US and have region set to US in the iPad/iPhone settings but I still only see 8 channels when attempting the mod. Any ideas?
  5. Stacy Cobb

    Poor Man's Antenna Amplifier - Available Now At Aerial Drone Accessories.com

    Hi Guys after watching people successfully extend the range of their Phantom 3 and Inspire 1 by attaching DVD's to their antenna's I thought I might give it a try. The results were pretty crazy. So I created a device to hold the the DVD's to your Antenna's. It looks great and it works great...