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motor overloaded

  1. S

    Inspire 1 keeps saying "motor overload" ALL THE FReAKIN TIME

    IDK why, but all the time my inspire says the motors are overloaded, and I dont fly high speed at all, only mellow flight for the cinematic shots! even when I just took off, I start to ascend it and it goes onle 2m/s all the time, nothing more than that! It really seems like piloting a bus. I...
  2. D

    Motor overload. Aircraft will decelerate to ensure safety

    I have starting seeing this warning. It is not related to the gimbal motor. The message reads: "Motor Overloaded. Aircraft will decelerate to ensure safety." I am not flying any differently than I have been in the past. Has anyone any idea if this is normal? My settings are the defaults...