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nd filter

  1. R

    Complete Guide: TRAVEL Drone Tips

    Hello fellow dronists! I made a short guide full of tips when travelling with your drone. I organized the tips into stages such as preparation, pre-flight and flight just make content a bit more digestable. Feel free to give your own advice to help those who are looking to travel in the...
  2. A

    HD, 4K and ND filters, Contradictory ?

    Sorry for asking, but I am relative new to video, and complete newborn to filmproductions. From a technical point of view, can I easely understand why ND filteres is used because a big apertur is wanted in a nearly every shoots. (Maby except some landscape types of images, But even here small...
  3. U

    ND Filters - Everything you need to know about it

    Hello Everybody I want to share with you my guide about ND Filters because I think it will be helpful especially for the beginners in this forum. ND Filter – Why they are necessary for your drone Feedback is very much appreciated!
  4. U

    I2 arrives tomorrow...ideal NDfilter for x4s?

    Hi all, New to the forum and the I2 arrives tomorrow. I've been looking at ND filters but not sure which works best with the Inspire family. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. M

    ND Filter

    Hi all I'm looking for individual ND filter ( not as a bundle) Where can I find only 16 or 32
  6. Nick Stubbs

    Balancing X5 Gimbal

    Hi All, I just bought a stronger B & W 6 Stop ND filter for the Olympus 12mm and it is heavier than the last. The balance was out before switching on so I "blu-tacked" a 1p coin to the back of the X5 and a 2p coin to the side and it is balanced perfectly. Turns on and works ok but just...
  7. druiser

    Inspire 1 ND filter set by Renaat (Aileen Studio) 4 filters *SOLD*

    Selling 4 ND filters by Renaat. These were originally $84 new, I used them for less than 1 month. 37mm filter (fits Inspire 1 and OSMO) ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64 All in excellent condition! $50 shipped in the US. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail. Paypal Only. International pays more for shipping...
  8. YeeaaBoii

    SOLD Lightly Used: Polar Pro Filters 6 Pack for Inspire 1

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. I have a used set of Inspire 1 Polar Pro filters for sale. It is the 6 pack listed on their site. Here is a link to exactly what I have. DJI Inspire 1/ OSMO Professional Filter 6-Pack They have always been carefully handled and never involved in any crashes. They have never...
  9. E

    *New Price* Inspire 1 Package For Sale Mint Condition!

    I have treated this craft like my baby for a business, but have had no time for a business. I am trying to get some money together to flip my house and move somewhere where I can find business for a drone! This is a version D bought from Aerialmediapros.com and each of the 4 batteries has...
  10. YeeaaBoii

    Brand New, Unopened PolarPro ND Filter 6 Pack - $140

    Sold! Hey guys, I've got a brand new PolarPro 6 Pack ND Filter set for the Inspire 1 for sale. I bought them a while back and never opened them. I continued using the stock ND the Inspire came with and decided I could use the money to put towards the Osmo handle instead. It's been a few months...