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  1. D

    Salutations from Sin City

    How flies it fellow pilots? Im David from Las Vegas and I just recently started flying recreational drones. For quite some time I was into High Power Rocketry but have set my sights a little lower to terra firma. But there is hope to maybe mingle the two hobbies to see if a new interesting...
  2. W

    Hello from Wyoming!

    I joined the forum months ago but haven't looked at it or used it until now. Hopefully I'll make up for lost time! BTW, has anybody noticed problems with the video feed to the tablet in the new F/W update ( My feed went from great to terrible in one quick step.
  3. B

    Greetings from Nevada!

    I bid you all a fine British "Good Day" from sunny Las Vegas! I don't own one yet but my Inspire Pro is apparently being delivered this week. I have plenty of time on real aircraft but have never flown a radio controlled thingamajig in my life... what can possibly go wrong! This "hi" was...