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no video transmission

  1. S

    An issue with video transmission after crash. Inspire One Pro.

    Hello! I have a drone that recently crashed and is no longer sending a video transmission. I got a new camera and still had no success, and both the old and new cameras could take phones, but would not transmit video. I have experience repairing electronics but I have never worked on a drone...
  2. M

    Firmware out of sync, No video transmition signal. Need Advice!!

    Hello! About a year ago I ran into issues upgrading firmware. After update and then further troubleshooting, the camera gave error “No Video Transmission Signal...” and screen is black (like I’ve seen others describe in this forum in the past). All other functions seem to work just fine...
  3. D

    DJI Inspire 1 downlink issue after upgrade

    First post here so bear with me. I have an Inspire 1 that is just over 1 year old. Very little hours. Worked just fined until a few weeks ago. As you all probably know, not the easiest product to update. Every firmware upgrade has been painful. Prior to the last and most current upgrade...