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  1. atmosphericarts

    First Night Shoot and Client Isn't Happy With Footage

    I've been working with a local pro-sports team to document the construction of their new stadium, and I recently just did a shoot of the building about an hour after sunset. While this was my first commercial night flight ever (I do have the waiver!), I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about...
  2. R

    I2 noise (Issue identified)

    My two-week old I2 started making a high pitched pinging, beeping-like sound (it was not actually beeping) while hovering or making gentle maneuvers. Other than the noise, it has been stable and responsive and no issues at all (~3 hours and 10 flights). This noise started occurring on my 3rd...
  3. dronie

    Inspire 2 - Gimbal Noise During Calibration

    Gimbal Noise on latest fw. After updating my gimbal now makes a loud grinding noise when calibrating (both on 12 & 45 mm). After calibration the noise stop. Does anybody else get this? Is it ok for it to make this grinding noise it never did before - or know how to fix it? Thanks.
  4. J

    High Video Noise

    Hi everyone. I'm getting what I would call unacceptable noise in my Inspire 2 videos: Sample Shot in D-Log @ UHD onto Micro SD at ISO 200 @ 5.6. Very basic colour correction and LUT applied. Exported in H.264 UHD. Anyone have an idea if that's the nature of the camera/sensor, or if I'm...
  5. S

    Super noisy D-Log after v1.4.0.70 update?

    I shot a beautiful sunset tonight and after reviewing the footage I am quite disappointed. The footage is very noise, even though I was ETTR (Exposing To The Right). The footage is much sharper than before but it honestly looks like garbage. I really worry now that this won't be usable unless...