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    Inspire 1 FPV upgrade (SH6 Pro) with OSD (FFOSD-N3)

    Adding a second camera on the Inspire 1 is needed from my side to use the Inspire 1 in dual operator mode. So the pilot can focus on flying and monitor where the Inspire 1 is flying. On the other hand the camera operator can fully focus on the subject to get captured. Therefore I wanted to add...
  2. A

    DJI Osmo Vs. Filmpower Roxor

    DJI Forum|DJI Osmo Vs. Filmpower Roxor
  3. D

    Inspire Monitor/Tablet options

    Hi All! Firstly, Thank youin advance because im sure this has been asked before but i've been searching for hours to no avail. I just bought an inspire and im a little stuck where to go from here in regards to the FPV. For the most part, It will be just me flying/filming I have a Samsung...