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parts diagram

  1. A

    Need help with Inspire V1 pinout

    Hi all, I'm seeking help with identifying exactly what the pins are for the Inspire V1 ESC (the 5-pin and the 3-pin JST GH connectors, picture attached). I've seen a similar thread for V2 (Help me figure out the pinout for the ESC signal connector) but it's for a slightly different product and...
  2. Xrover

    WANTED: Inspire Internal Parts Diagram or Layout Info

    I have been scouring the web and even asked DJI for a Parts Diagram or Schematics of the Inspire 1's Main Systems Layout and Location of all the components. DJI won't give it to me and I can't find it anywhere on the web. There are plenty of diagrams already available for the Arms and Motors...