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  1. A

    Flying in italy

    Hi guys I have a potential job in italy and was wondering if anyone could walk me through the process of getting permission to fly over there? I have had a look over the ENAC regulations and restrictions seems similar to the uk. Can anybody offer some advice on the timescale for getting...
  2. W

    UK London City Airport - No communication from them.

    Has anyone had dealings with Aerodrome Safeguarding at London City Airport? I have 3 shoots in the Ilford area, that fall within the 10km safeguarding zone of the airport. sub 7kg UAV. I emailed them 3 days ago to notify them and ask what the protocol was. No reply, not even a read receipt. I...
  3. S

    UK Temp Permission before full granted?

    Hi Guys, I'm just about to undertake my training for permission, but have been offered a potentially very lucrative contract on a civil engineering project near me for regular photo's and video flyover work. I need to be able to get going on this bu have just read that the CAA are currently...
  4. A-SCOTT85

    UK UK Pilot travelling to Miami, USA

    Hi all, I am a NQE qualified CAA PFAW authorised drone pilot based in the UK. I have filming job (normal camera not aerial camera) coming up in Miami, USA and there is a small UAS filming requirement in the brief. Here are some other elements in the equation: Technically i'm not "working" in...