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  1. J

    What are your Gimbal Settings on the Inspire 2?

    Lets learn from each other.... What are your settings for the (Advanced) Gimbal Settings? We like to make smooth videos and are looking for some tips for these settings. On DJI 4 Go App: go to: Gimbal Settings -> Advanced Settings Our settings are: Max Gimbal Pitch Speed (8) Gimbal Pitch...
  2. A

    Matrice 100 Zenmuse X3 gimbal not working

    Hello there, I am new to DJI's products but I am not new to quadcopters. We recently bought a Matrice 100 copter with a Zenmuse X3 gimbal and camera. I am able to connect everything up and I currently receive live camera footage on the DJI Pilot App on my tablet, but I am not able to get a...
  3. L

    How can I smooth out the camera tilt (up/down) speed on my Inspire 1?

    The little dial on the bottom left of my controller tilts the camera up and down but when I try to do a low swooping shot over the water and then rise up for a more eagle's eye view I then have to adjust the camera angle (to point more down) but the movement is always so jerky it ruins the...
  4. dronie

    Settings for Gain/Expo/Pitch EXP etc. Do you know what it all means?

    Do you know what ALL your Gain &Expo Tuning/Pitch EXP and Throttle settings does? I sure don't. But I would love to know! Some of them I can't notice a difference, some I can. I numbered all the settings in this one pic. Please respond what a NUMBER does - IF you know. Please don't make it a...