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  1. A

    Prop cages and mapping software with cendence

    Hi Everybody - Has anyone found a product that can be used with the 200 series such as prop cages or bumpers of some sort? Just thought it would be nice to have when doing bridge inspection God forbid we accidentally do have something happen and bump into a box beam or something. Also - we're...
  2. AndyCLK

    What photogrammetry program for Traffic Accident reconstruction

    Hi there, I'm working in the field of forensic investigation for road traffic accidents and we are looking at changing the way we scan the accident scenes, ie. Using drone instead of LiDAR (Faroscan machine) on a stand. Being a noob, I am looking at getting a drone and the right photogrammetry...
  3. LaunchHSV

    3D Scanning A Car With Drones -- FAIL

    Well, it didn't turn out the way I wanted! This is my attempt at 3D Scanning A Car With Drones... And I FAILED! The software I used for this video was Agisoft Photoscan and Pix4D. I really like Pix4D as it provided the best results from the photos. I am definitely not a pro when it comes to 3D...
  4. D

    DJI XT Thermal Mapping programs

    I am currently having issues using pix4d with my DJI XT 336x256. Does anyone have tips on what image properties need to be changed for this to work? It only seems to recognize the XT high res camera. Also, if anyone has any suggestions about other stitching software. Drone deploy is still in...
  5. D

    DJI XT camera and mapping apps

    I am using the DJI XT infrared camera 640x512. Has anyone used this camera with pix4d, maps made easy, or drone deploy? Was wondering about signal strength, range, ect. From what I have found is that pix4d is the best, although not the easiest to use. It is also only compatible with the high...
  6. D

    Pix4d Range Issues

    I am new to Pix4d. Just wondering if anyone has experienced any fly aways or any strange errors occurring while using pix4d and an inspire. I was told that the transmitter range is much much shorter than a standard flight with an inspire. Any intel would be greatly appreciated!
  7. B

    Pix4D mapper pro -perpetual license

    I am just feeling for feedback here if my company decides to purchase a Trimble UX5HP with UAS Master for mapping. Due to the workflow, our exisiting licesnse of PIX4D isn't needed. Would anyone here be interested in purchasing this license from us? We have about 6months left of personal tech...
  8. Parker

    questions about the cut off point

    New to the industry of using UAVs for Commercial use. I've got a trial going of DroneDeploy, pretty sweet. I can export a KML file or a .las cloud point file (still learning about what those are). I can see this being delivered to the customer via Dropbox, downloadable file from my site or...
  9. G

    3D modelling with Zenmuse XT

    Hello everyone, has anyone managed to have good results when modelling in 3D with a Zenmuse XT? Any suggeston on web-apps or desktop apps that do the job? Thank you and safe flying!
  10. R

    Autonomous flight with Inspire 1 Pro

    Hi guys, does anyone have an experience with autonomous flights for capturing photo for 3D models? Pix4d app doesn't seem to be working with Inspire 1 Pro. I'm looking for an app that could capture photos based on certain horizontal and vertical change of drone position. Any ideas? cheers Matej