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  1. Frogsby90

    Does anyone know anywhere in Dallas or Houston that has parts

    Hey, guys, I travel back and forth from Houston and Dallas and I am always looking for inspire parts that I don't have to order online. Currently looking for a pair of v2 propellers by this Wednesday and if anyone knows of somewhere near Houston or Dallas that might have them it would be...
  2. B

    Shredded one of the prop mounts...

    I have an Inspire 1 v2 and I shredded one of the prop mounts and need a replacement part. Not sure where I can get one...
  3. D

    Trouble removing "white" CCW 1345T propellers after flying?

    After flying, I am having great difficulty removing the white CCW 1345T props. I can easily remove the red CW ones with only moderate hand pressure required to turn the locking mechanism. But turning that mechanism by hand to release the white ones after a flight is just about impossible . The...
  4. P

    Looking for original Inspire 1 v1 Props for Sale

    Hi guys, does anyone has 1 o 2 pairs of the original Inspire 1 V1 props? the ones that comes with the first version of Inspire ? the ones that comes also with a separate plastick lock? I use those and need a few extras ... if anyone has them new i am interested. Thanks