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  1. A

    Oklahoma City Weather Phenomenon

    Filmed this wall cloud approaching downtown OKC in the early morning of 6/21/2020.
  2. Droning Community

    Inspire 2 in the Rain

    I've not really found to much on peoples experiences with the Inspire 2 in rainy conditions. I recognize rain flights need to be avoided, but I still would like to know its capabilities. Pop-up showers have caught me off guard once or twice with my Phantom 4, which fared well for the five...
  3. I

    Flying in the rain (or British Summer)

    mmmm, trying to operate during typical British summer.
  4. P

    Cap Blanc-Nez Wissant France

    A week ago I went to France for a short vacation. Naturally, I took along my DJI Inspire pro I've heard from several people that this his movie is a little bit to long and got to many of the same environment Stil I 'm curious about your feedback/ tips tops etc i'm stil in a learning curve :-)