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rc firmware

  1. W

    Cannot update RC

    Have successfully update the Inspire to the latest firmware but cannot get the RC to update. Screens during update and once failed, attached. Have tried rolling back the firmware via the dji go app home page but that also fails. Please help!
  2. K

    Slave RC issues

    I have a slave controller that I tried to update the firmware on. The update failed and now On power up, the led turns red, beeps twice, then turns purple and does nothing. Can anyone help me please?
  3. Sky

    1 year since last flight

    Bear with me, it's been almost a year to the day since I've turned on and flown my inspire1. Now that I am able to fly again I wanted to be cautious about update jumping. Other than following DJI's instructions is there anything else I should know? I plan to update to v1.3.0 via USB then...
  4. Ryo777

    RC firmware update problem

    Hi everyone! So finally bought my inspire pro) happy! Updated aircraft and master controller very fast, rc was higher then 1.30 so do it in app. Today i've bought second RC, already connected to my aircraft as a SLAVE. It doing well, video output and controls - all working. But I can't update...
  5. J

    Firmware Issue: Red Updates in the status bar.

    Hi, I've spent hours searching and I have so far come up with no resolution. I unboxed my brand new Inspire 1 and proceeded to set up with the Go App, apparently the only way I can update the firmware for my aircraft. I went to the first on the list and updated the RC to the latest firmware...
  6. P

    Firmware / App update confusion! Help

    Hi, I am so confused. I am running ISO 8 on an I Pad 2 mini, using Go app version 2.3. with firmware version 1.3 I have resisted updating to ISO 9 and the latest GO app version because of instabilities in the app with ISO 9 as detailed on the DJI forum. Using this set up I had zero problems...