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  1. David Lerrick

    Germany ITALY: Looking to rent ENAC registered Inspire 2 Aircraft with CDNG

    Dear Community, For an upcoming job in North Italy i am looking for an option to rent an Inspire 2 aircraft with CDNG license and ENAC registered, to fly my Zenmuse X7 Camera. I am a certified RPA pilot who owns the same aerial plattform in Germany. Either contact me on this forum or...
  2. Dr. Ifly Drones

    ISO owner operator in Rwanda/Tanzania

    I'm looking for someone who is a citizen of Rwanda who would be interested in renting their Inspire 1 or 2 with X5 camera to a professional file company that will be filming in the area in about 1 month. If you are please respond here and we can set up private communications. This will be a...