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Germany ITALY: Looking to rent ENAC registered Inspire 2 Aircraft with CDNG

Dear Community,

For an upcoming job in North Italy i am looking for an option to rent an Inspire 2 aircraft with CDNG license and ENAC registered, to fly my Zenmuse X7 Camera. I am a certified RPA pilot who owns the same aerial plattform in Germany. Either contact me on this forum or [email protected].

Thank you so much!
Although you are licensed in Germany you will not be authorised to fly commercially in Italy.
There is no ‘European’ recognized qualification. EASA are far too slow and cumbersome to push through any legislation to allow reciprocal arrangements unfortunately.
This would also mean your commercial insurance would not cover you for work outside your domiciled authorisation country I would bet.
I would look into the matter a little deeper since it could land you (excuse the pun) in hot water.
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