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restricted zones

  1. SilkyMilky

    USA Experience flying in DJI "Restricted Zone"?

    Hello, I fly commercially in the US, and was looking to see if anyone has flown in a DJI Geo-Zone "Restricted Zone". These zones are shown in red on this map DJI - The World Leader in Camera Drones/Quadcopters for Aerial Photography. They require special unlocking from DJI to fly there. I...
  2. Scotflieger

    GEO System - UK Airports made Restricted Zones

    Most of the UK's major airports now appear on the DJI GEO unlock map as Restricted Zones (see DJI GEO System - Unlock Areas For Authorized Access). This will mean that those who thought they would be able to fly with ATC approval will not be able to unlock these areas. This is despite the fact...