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  1. 3

    Wanting to get the inspire 2 next month but worried about bugs still.

    Hello everyone new to this Forum and posted something similar to what I'm asking now over at the DJI Forum but not to many responses. Anyways i'm coming from a Q5004k and wanting to step into the inspire club but with the x4s as that's what my budget says lol. A couple of questions. Also this is...
  2. We Talk UAV

    DJI Inspire 2 X4S vs X5S ultimate in-depth camera comparison

    So, here is the deal. DJI comes out with the Inspire 2 which of course has two different cameras that you can purchase. Descriptions on the product don't always give the most accurate assessment which is why I was looking for a good camera comparitive video. On this video, both cameras X4S and...