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  1. S

    POSSIBLE SCAM alert to seller of Inspire 1 V2

    I have a post here where I am seeking to buy a Mint Inspire 1 V2. I was contacted by someone with an email beginning with mnim ( I want to keep the email itself confidential, FOR NOW) Price was $750 with 3 batteries, said it was mint with 6 or 8 flights. No damages. Said he bought it from DJI...
  2. Tommy Bayshore

    New or Used Inspire 1? Scam company?

    I recently bought my "new" Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition from a company on Amazon called EZ ELECTRONICS. They had over 6000 positive reviews but were not a authorized DJI reseller (i didnt really check this until after the purchase). I just saw all the good reviews so assumed it was a great store...