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  1. Chiuki

    Inspire 2 'for sale' scam? Does anyone recognize this drone?

    Maybe someone here has seen these pictures. There is an Inspire 2 x5s posted for sale" near me", and I'm 99% sure it's a scam, but now i'm just really curious and maybe someone here recognizes this bird, since it appears (according to EXIF) to have been sold on Ebay UK at some point in 11/2018...
  2. S

    POSSIBLE SCAM alert to seller of Inspire 1 V2

    I have a post here where I am seeking to buy a Mint Inspire 1 V2. I was contacted by someone with an email beginning with mnim ( I want to keep the email itself confidential, FOR NOW) Price was $750 with 3 batteries, said it was mint with 6 or 8 flights. No damages. Said he bought it from DJI...
  3. Tommy Bayshore

    New or Used Inspire 1? Scam company?

    I recently bought my "new" Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition from a company on Amazon called EZ ELECTRONICS. They had over 6000 positive reviews but were not a authorized DJI reseller (i didnt really check this until after the purchase). I just saw all the good reviews so assumed it was a great store...