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New or Used Inspire 1? Scam company?

Discussion in 'Inspire 1 Discussion' started by Tommy Bayshore, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Tommy Bayshore

    Sep 10, 2016
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    Orlando, FL
    I recently bought my "new" Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition from a company on Amazon called EZ ELECTRONICS. They had over 6000 positive reviews but were not a authorized DJI reseller (i didnt really check this until after the purchase). I just saw all the good reviews so assumed it was a great store to buy from.

    I got my new drone when expected but a lot of the parts were jumbled around within the case, like the props, manuals etc.., everything was factory sealed but that bothered me a bit, maybe i'm just too used to Apple and Samsung packaging, who knows... either way, no big deal, pulled the bird out and started setting it up.

    In the quick start guide it says the camera lens has to be linked with the other half of the camera lens (forgive my newbie terminology). My camera however, when i opened the camera box was already put together? This made me scratch my head a bit, the quick start guide says you have to put it together but it was already together? Someone mentioned in some forum that DJI was putting these together at the factory, i didnt know how to verify this so i just rolled with it.

    The next day i ordered a TB48 battery from EZ ELECTRONICS off Amazon, last night i got the battery. It had a white box and when i opened it up it has a TB47 battery inside of it!? WTF! I immediately called Amazon and Amazon refunded me immediately and said they had seen this type of thing before, not with this company but this same type of scam.

    I dont care what ANYONE says, DJI does not factory pack a DJ47 battery into a DJ48 box, quality control can't be that bad anywhere. This was purposely done. Which brings me back to my original point, i wonder if i got a used Inspire 1 from these guys, if they are going to scam people on batteries no telling what they may do with a $4000+ drone order.

    It did ask me to activate it when i set it up so that is my ONLY reassurance but if anything, i would avoid this company on Amazon, from now on i will ONLY buy from authorized DJI resellers.
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