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  1. P

    Cap Blanc-Nez Wissant France

    A week ago I went to France for a short vacation. Naturally, I took along my DJI Inspire pro I've heard from several people that this his movie is a little bit to long and got to many of the same environment Stil I 'm curious about your feedback/ tips tops etc i'm stil in a learning curve :-)
  2. snowy white

    Cardiff Bay Wales UK

    Just a quick flight around Cardiff Bay, Norwegian church, millennium centre and Welsh assembly and the Dr Who Experience.
  3. snowy white

    Barry Island Harbour UK

    Quick flight over Barry Island Harbour UK to try out some camera settings.
  4. Bahamasky

    Awesome Inspire 1 Flying!

  5. dronie

    Windturbines at sea - 2K off-shore.

    Windturbines 2K off-shore from Copenhagen in the strait btw. Denmark and Sweden.