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Barry Island Harbour UK

Quick flight over Barry Island Harbour UK to try out some camera settings.

Any problems getting permissions from CWL ATC?
SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts
Also, how did you get permission to fly within EGDX? Isn't this Military RAF Training area?
Although your website says you are working towards PFAW I can only assume you have done no groundschool as yet?
Hi, thanks for your comments, I am a military Forward air controller and have controlled jets and helicopters in a variety of locations, RAF St Athan had no issues, however i did not contact CWL, as of yet none of my flights are commercial , although i have a website , no company has been registered, all my flights are at the moment done as a very expensive hobby, i am gaining knowledge towards my PFAW for when i leave the Army soon after 30 years of service. At the moment I aim to keep within the regulations as laid out by the CAA, my craft is below 20kg and therefore not registered with the CAA, I always fly below 400ft my max is 100m and my normal line of site is no more than 300m, these are set and programmed within my flight controller. I do have a flight log and maintenance record for batteries etc. For my own peace of mind I do have public liability cover as i am conscious that this is a must, although i'm sure not all hobbiest have this. Any advice would be greatful.


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