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section 333

  1. Jim Z

    USA Section 333 / COA confusion!

    I just received my Section 333 and Blanket COA (after 6 months). I do not have a pilot’s license. Perhaps my questions have been addressed in previous posts, but I’ve spent a good deal of time searching, and found conflicting information. Can I legally operate commercially along with a...
  2. F

    Pilot's license requirement might not be so silly afterall

    If anyone is shocked if the final rule for Part 107 still requires at least a sport pilot license, some of the comments found in various threads might help explain. Take this thread for example: Flying over Crowds Careless reading and translation of a recommendation that fails to recognize the...
  3. Jim Z

    Student Pilot Certificate?

    Just read my daily email from sUAS News. There's a posting from Rupprecht Law regarding getting your Student Pilot License in conjunction with Section 333 / Part 107. It starts: "New regulations go into effect on April 1st which will affect your plans for obtaining a student pilot certificate...